Saturday, January 4, 2014

Water Bead Sensory Play

This is an absolutely great activity on a nice summer day.  We did this in the summer and used Tiffany's water table.  Normally when we play with water beads we do it at the kitchen sink but it was a beautiful summers day this past summer and I thought how much more fun it would be outdoors in the water table.  When we play with water beads inside I keep the beads in a container and Tiffany takes them out as she adds them to our juice bottle for sensory bottle play.  Since we were using the water table I dumped all the water beads into the water table. Having the beads all poured out into the table allowed Tiffany to really use her sense of touch as she was more easily able to run her fingers and hands over the beads all spread out rather than confined in the container.  This activity kept Tiffany's attention for about 45 minutes and I was able to do some gardening and yard clean up!


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