Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Numbers and colors

Over the Christmas holiday we received a lot of packages and in one of the packages their was an insert that was different enough for me to keep around as I felt I would be able to use it as a craft or learning activity.

I decided to work on numbers with my 3.5 year old AND colors. 

Markers didn't work as great as I had hoped but in person the marker colors were a bit more clear. 

I gave Tiffany tongs and different colored Pom-poms.  I told her to put the number and color of Pom-poms into the correct spots.  This activity was great for learning to count, color matching, sorting and fine motor skills by using the tongs.  She did switch back and forth from using tongs to using her fingers.

So next time you get something in the mail you might just be able to re-use it!!

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