Saturday, January 11, 2014

Paint in a bag

Normally, I don't like playing with paint because of obvious reasons. BUT, I am aware that painting whether finger painting or with a brush is good practice for pre-schoolers on multiple levels. I came across this idea on the web and I tried it out and both my 3 year old AND 8 year old had fun with it. My favorite part mess!! Score!!

I added a couple of tubes of paint into a ziplock bag and taped it to our kitchen table. 

You can actually make letters and hand prints with the paint. I thought of using Q-tips to help define the letters.
After my daughter played like this for a few minutes I decided to hang it from our back door. The outdoor light against the paint gave it a whole new perspective.
This one activity offers sensory play by squishing the paint around, letter writing and recognition and making hand prints which was my 3 year olds favorite part!

Ziplock bag
Duct tape or painters tape

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