Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sensory Bins with Oats and Beans

Our very first attempt at a sensory bin was with oats.  Since it was winter and we had to be indoors I set Tiffany up with a table cloth under her to collect any mess.  With the oats I included some measuring cups, spoons, tractors and cars and empty containers.  She poured and dumped and felt with her fingers and had a great time.  Even her older brother who was 7 at the time joined in on the fun!


Black Beans was our second sensory bin.  Because of the black color I added some fun bright colors to give contrast like neon colored pom-pom's, silver and purple sparkly pipe cleaners and some pieces of yellow sponge.  Of course spoons, small containers and measure cups too for pouring and scooping.  Tiffany had the most fun allowing her feet to join in on the sensory fun!

PictureTiffany giving her footsies a try!


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