Monday, January 20, 2014

Marble or Pom-Pom run

I've seen some pins on Pinterest about marble runs and on a whim decided to try it out. Since we have some magnet strips on hand and a glue gun I went with the option of hot gluing magnets to the backs of the toilet and paper towel rolls and setting up on the refrigerator.  I taped a plastic bowl to the refrigerator to catch the marbles/pom-pom's.  After testing a few runs I learned that the marbles even medium size made some of the tubes fall off.  To solve this I could have reinforced the tubes by simply adding some masking or duct tape but again since we had magnets and a glue gun on hand I added an extra magnet to the roll so it would be able to hold on better. In addition to that we tried the smaller marbles which worked better but our fave was pom-pom's.  My kids learned how the size of the pom-pom would make some go faster and some go slower.

Here's a closer look.  

I numbered the rolls because as they would fall off my kids would know which order to put them back even though they experimented with arranging them differently.  Both of my kids enjoyed this activity and it intrigued their interest and curiosity.  My suspicion is we will be making more marble or pom-pom run creations! Can't wait to see what we will come up with next!

Have you ever made a marble run?

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