Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitchen Command Center

I needed to have a command center somewhere in my kitchen and this corner of the kitchen seemed to be the perfect spot.  I was inspired to do this project after reading about the command center at A Bowl Full of Lemons. I had already hung a Martha Stewart cork board and although it helped it was not going to cut it.  With all of the paperwork coming home from my son's school and my daughter's preschool I was in need of something much more.  That is when I happened upon the Hang Up Home Organizer from Thrity-One!  

This was the space I had decided on since it was in the back corner of our kitchen but yet a wall that I look at every day when I enter the room.  

This was the Hang It Up Organizer before filling it up.

Voila, the finished product! I love the calendar in the middle which is for my son's school and tells me which activities he has for each day of the week.  A spot specifically for pens and a marker for the dry erase board and 4 pouches, 2 each for both of my children, perfect!  There are also a few other small pouches which I use for coupons and post it notes.  For more hanging space I use clothespins on the top and if there is something I don't want inside pouch (out of sight out of mind) I clothespin it to the front.  I had tried several other ideas for organizing school paperwork, coupons, reminders, etc and I can honestly say this has worked great for our family!

One last close-up shot!

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  1. stumbled upon this post and I've been meaning to do something like this in our home. I'm going to have to look into this!