Saturday, April 29, 2017

Basketball Snack and Gift Ideas

My 11 year old recently finished up a fun basketball season, making it all the way to the final four!
With all the hard work from the team and the coaches, I put together a little goody bag of snacks for the boys and a few gifts for the coaches.

These snacks could also be used at the end of a game but also worked well as an end of season treat.

Here's what you'll need to make some of your own:

Large clear bags (got ours from Micahel's)
Orange Gatorade
Cheese and Peanut Butter crackers
Reeses Peanut Butter cups
Orange ribbon
Orange paper

Simply add all your goodies into the bag, punch a hole in the label, loop the ribbon through, tie off and viola!  Basketball goody bags that the kids will enjoy!  Also, for the label you can simply type the saying in Word or Google Docs and print.....

Next it was the coaches turn.  Each coach was given a gift card but to spruce it up a bit, I added a printable and candy bar to the gift bags.  I got the idea and printable for the label at Eighteen 25.

In addition to the gift cards, we also presented the coaches with a jar full of starburst candy, orange ones, of course, along with another printable.  There are so many fun ways to use starburst candy for coaches, teachers and friends.

Last, I picked up a basketball for each coach and had the boys from the team sign them.  Just a nice piece of memorabilia for the coaches!  Forgot to snap a picture of the signed balls but pretty straight forward and just another coach idea.

Finally, if you are looking for another treat, try these super simple basketball cupcakes.  I made this for the past 2 seasons and they always go over great.  Look good and taste yummy too!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Letters W, X, Y and Z

Are you learning letters of the alphabet with your preschooler?  We did letter of the week when Tiffany was a preschooler and I found that letters W, X, Y and Z were a bit of challenge.

We started at the beginning of the alphabet and went to the end.  As we approached our last 4 letters, I found myself running out of ideas especially for letter X.  If you are having a similar experience, check out our activities for W, X, Y and Z

Letter W:
W is for Watermelon.

Materials used:
Paper plate
Green marker
Pink marker
Black marker
Black beans
Double sided tape

Simply cut a paper plate in half and let your child begin coloring it with the colors of a watermelon!

After our craft I decided to put our black beans to use for some simple preschool math.  The beans acted as the 'watermelon seeds!'

I used double sided tape which made it super easy for the beans to stick.

"W" ended up being a craft and math lesson!

Letter X:
X is for X-ray

Materials used:
Black construction paper
White crayon

This can be a tricky letter but have to say it produced the most fun and laughs! After searching I found quite a few x-ray crafts and decided on these two.

Our first letter "X" activity was using Q-tips to show the 'bones' in our hands.  We traced our hands and up part of our arm and then glued on some q-tips.  Both of us made one so that we could compare the size difference.

Next, we printed a full size paper skeleton, mixed it up and had my preschooler arrange the skeleton pieces in order.  It was a hit!  As you can see her giggling in the 2nd photo!

Letter Y:
Y is for yellow:

Materials used:
Painters tape
Red, Blue and Yellow construction paper
Black marker

I decided we would do some graphing with colors, while focusing on the letter "Y." Once I set up the floor graph my preschooler went around the house finding things matching the colors on our graph.  Once finished, we counted how many items for each color to determine which color had the most items.  Before we started we both guessed blue would have the most but believe it or not "Y" won!!

Letter Z: 
Z is for Zebra:

Materials used:
Paper plate
Black construction paper or black foam
White construction paper
Paper for zebra's nose
Black marker

Paper plate crafts are so easy and a go to when unsure of an activity to do with a letter.  For "Z" we chose a paper plate Zebra craft.

I hope these ideas can help you along, especially once you hit the the last few letters of the alphabet!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

DIY Birdseed Bagel

It is the end of February and the birds are beginning to sing once again!  They know that spring is just around the corner, 3 cheers for spring!!!!

During the winter months it is much harder for birds to find food.  We do keep a bird feeder out to help our feathery friends but we also like to take things one step further by creating our own bird feeder.

A few years ago we made recycled bird feeders.  It was a two-fold, we got to help the birds while being kind to the earth by recycling.

This time around we decided to use bagels instead of cardboard rolls.  We got the idea from a Sesame Street book that we have called, Love the Earth Crafts.  My son is now 11 and we have had this book since he was a preschooler!  My daughter has since taken a liking to it and has many pages dog eared of the crafts she wants to try.

This is a super easy activity that doesn't require many materials.  Here's what you will need:

Bagel (the book instructions call for a round loaf of bread but we couldn't find that and substituted with a bagel!)

Peanut Butter


Large plate or baking sheet

Spoon or butter knife

String or ribbon

Start off by spreading the peanut butter onto the bagel.

My daughter loved this part the best, smearing the bagel into the birdseed.

Voila!  Birdseed Bagel!

Add a piece of string or ribbon, find a tree and wait for the birds to enjoy!

Waiting for the birds to visit!