Friday, February 14, 2014

Tape Resist Art

I've been seeing some pins and posts about Tape Resist Art and decided to give it a go with my 3.5 year old.  We started off with a large piece of regular paper and I used painters tape and spelled out her name. Please forgive the boxed off areas.  Initially, my 8 year old was going to try his hand at it and I thought I would give them each their own section of the paper but my son decided not to try after all.

 My daughter LOVES to see her name in print so I thought using her name for this activity would add some extra excitement for her.  I opted to go with markers versus paint for this go-around.  With some coaxing Tiffany began scribbling around the letters and asked for some help from me.  Once she got going she was excited to pick the colors and scribble away.

Once I peeled the tape carefully off of the paper she seemed amazed at how pretty the letters of her name stood out!  Definitely something we will try again.

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