Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stuffed Animal Storage

The one thing we have way too much of in our house is stuffed animals.  I hear from other parents that they too have issues with what to do with all their children's stuffed friends.  We have most of my son's stuffed animals under control since he is 8 and has stopped acquiring so many.  My daughter however at 3.5 is still acquiring at lightning speed.  The acquisition is not so much from Mom and Dad but from friends and family at holidays and other times throughout the year.  I don't mind this as long as when a new friend arrives we say good-bye to an old one.  The majority of my daughters stuffed animals are kept in her closet and in a stuffed animal chair (more about that later in the post).  For those animals that she plays with often we keep on her bed and some come down with us in the morning and spend the day with us.  The system I have works but like anything else needs revamping once in awhile and that's exactly what needed to be done in my daughters closet.

Often times my daughter will go to her room and sort through her animals I'm guessing in a hunt to find one she hasn't seen in awhile or just looking for a new friend to love.  Either way after a few months of me not paying much attention this is what her closet turned into.

For stuffed animal storage in her closet I use a Thirty-One large utility tote and I also use a frog that is specific for storing stuffed animals which I purchased from Avon.  After just a few minutes I was able to get everything back in its place.  My daughter was actually in her room at the time I re-organized and I thought it would be a good time to part with some of her friends.  Thankfully, she cooperated and we donated a bag full!

Ahhhh, this is better....

Now about the other storage I mentioned above.  I found this at Bed Bath and Beyond and its basically just a piece of fabric that has a zipper.  You fill it with stuffed animals, zip it up and it can be used as a chair.  So kind of like a bean bag chair but with animals inside.  My son has one for his room too but not Disney Princess, of course and they both sit on them either when looking at or reading books.

How do you store your children's stuffed friends?

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