Sunday, February 16, 2014

Presidents Day craft

In honor of Presidents Day here is a fun and easy craft for your preschooler.

Supplies you will need:
Construction paper (any color)
Craft sticks, either colored or plain that you can paint
Cotton balls

I really loved this craft because it helps with color recognition, shape recognition and fine motor skills.  Before my daughter glued on the craft sticks I used markers that matched the color of the sticks we were using and drew where the craft sticks should go.  Basically an outline of the craft stick.  Tiffany matched and glued the craft stick  to the correct color on the paper while also using her fine motor skills with the gluing part! We used a triangle shape for the roof and a rectangle shape for the front door and chimney.  Finally, Tiffany glued on cotton balls for smoke.

What fun crafts or activities do you have for Presidents day?

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