Sunday, February 9, 2014

Abc's and 123's using bathtub letters and numbers

My 3.5 year old can sing the abc song and for the most part can identify almost all upper case letters (and some lower case) but I still wanted to encourage and reinforce so I came up with an idea.  I knew I wanted to use contact paper but what did I want to use for the letters?? Initially, I was going to cut out pieces of felt into squares and write the letters on each piece.  I tried that but the felt I had on hand was a dark green color and the letters were not showing up very well. After thinking about what I already had on hand I thought of Tiffany's bathtub letters...perfect!!

My next thought was would the letters stick well enough to the contact paper? Yup, perfectly!

We started out by singing the abc song and then I asked Tiffany to put the letters of the alphabet in order up on the wall. What I chose to do was sing with Tiffany and then stop singing before we got to the next letter.  Tiffany had to say what the next letter was and find it in the pile of letters on the floor and then slap it up on the contact paper!

We had a fun time singing and 'slapping' on the letters.  I had numbers on hand too so when we finished with letters we worked on numbers next.

I am in love with contact paper! What fun things do you and your kiddos do with contact paper?


  1. Ooh, another one to add to my contact paper board on Pinterest! I like contact paper for collages (no mess!) but my daughter simply likes to put her feet and hands on it and then pull them off. lol!

    1. And it's funny you say that Emma because I put the paper on the floor to see if she would like the feel of it and she wanted nothing to do with it, LOL!!