Sunday, March 19, 2017

Letters W, X, Y and Z

Are you learning letters of the alphabet with your preschooler?  We did letter of the week when Tiffany was a preschooler and I found that letters W, X, Y and Z were a bit of challenge.

We started at the beginning of the alphabet and went to the end.  As we approached our last 4 letters, I found myself running out of ideas especially for letter X.  If you are having a similar experience, check out our activities for W, X, Y and Z

Letter W:
W is for Watermelon.

Materials used:
Paper plate
Green marker
Pink marker
Black marker
Black beans
Double sided tape

Simply cut a paper plate in half and let your child begin coloring it with the colors of a watermelon!

After our craft I decided to put our black beans to use for some simple preschool math.  The beans acted as the 'watermelon seeds!'

I used double sided tape which made it super easy for the beans to stick.

"W" ended up being a craft and math lesson!

Letter X:
X is for X-ray

Materials used:
Black construction paper
White crayon

This can be a tricky letter but have to say it produced the most fun and laughs! After searching I found quite a few x-ray crafts and decided on these two.

Our first letter "X" activity was using Q-tips to show the 'bones' in our hands.  We traced our hands and up part of our arm and then glued on some q-tips.  Both of us made one so that we could compare the size difference.

Next, we printed a full size paper skeleton, mixed it up and had my preschooler arrange the skeleton pieces in order.  It was a hit!  As you can see her giggling in the 2nd photo!

Letter Y:
Y is for yellow:

Materials used:
Painters tape
Red, Blue and Yellow construction paper
Black marker

I decided we would do some graphing with colors, while focusing on the letter "Y." Once I set up the floor graph my preschooler went around the house finding things matching the colors on our graph.  Once finished, we counted how many items for each color to determine which color had the most items.  Before we started we both guessed blue would have the most but believe it or not "Y" won!!

Letter Z: 
Z is for Zebra:

Materials used:
Paper plate
Black construction paper or black foam
White construction paper
Paper for zebra's nose
Black marker

Paper plate crafts are so easy and a go to when unsure of an activity to do with a letter.  For "Z" we chose a paper plate Zebra craft.

I hope these ideas can help you along, especially once you hit the the last few letters of the alphabet!