Monday, June 19, 2017

DIY No Sew Superhero Capes

For my daughter's 7th birthday party she asked for a Superhero theme party.  Well, you can't have a superhero party without capes, right!?  There was one problem though, I do not sew!  I searched Pinterest and I found an easy no sew cape.  If you are anything like me and need easy, check out the post from Serving Pink Lemonade, where they share a printable to help cut out the capes.  However, the cutting part is so super simple that if I can do it free hand, so can you!  There is also a great tutorial on making no sew capes over at Make and Takes. 

I started off buying my fabric from Hobby Lobby.  I purchased felt because it seemed the most 'user friendly'  material.  My measurements were approximately 26" long and approximately 20" wide.  You can go longer if you are looking for a floor length cape but for my 7 year old and her friends, this size is what worked for us.  Once you tell the person at the store the measurements of the cape and how many capes you'll need, they will cut you the appropriate amount of material.

Once you get your capes home, fold the felt in half and cut the neck part out.  Once your capes are cut, you can get creative as you'd like.  For me, I found some iron on's from Hobby Lobby that were on clearance.  The best part is the iron on's were all superhero in nature and worked perfectly AND they had exactly 15 of them!!

After all your creating is complete, you will need some velcro to add to the cape.  Sticky back velcro works well but some of the velcro I used came off.  That being said, a little bit of hot glue to reinforce couldn't hurt.

So, if you are looking for a no sew, easy cape, all you need to do is:
1. know your measurements and how many capes
2. choose your material
3. have your material cut to size
4. use the printable listed in this post or freehand cut the cape
5. add any embellishments
6. velcro

In addition to the capes, I picked up masks, also from Hobby Lobby.  If you don't want the pre-made masks, you could buy craft foam, stickers, elastic and have the kids make their own as a craft at the party.

As for the goody bags, we had a pinata and they added all the goodies from the pinata into their goody bags.  Of course the kids got to keep their cape and mask too!

In hindsight, I wish I had snapped more photos, but here are a couple of random ones.

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