Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Mitten Book and Activity

At our recent library visit my daughter asked if we could borrow a book called, The Mitten.  I'm really glad she found it and that we brought it home as it has ended up being the library book we have read the most out of our bagful of books.

A short but sweet read about a boy who asks his Grandmother to knit him white mittens.  The story takes place during winter and his Grandmother warns the boy that he might lose his white mittens in the snow.  The boy insists on white mittens and so his Grandmother knits a pair.  As the boy plays outside one of the mittens does indeed fall into the snow and gets lost.  While the boy continues to play different animals decide to take shelter inside the mitten!  The mitten keeps growing and growing until finally one of the animals sneezes and all the animals are blown out of the mitten.  The boy eventually finds his mitten and happily reassures his Grandmother that a white mitten is fine to have in the snow.

I really enjoyed the pictures which are nicely detailed showing images of a small cottage accented with authentic costumes and furniture which are part of this Ukrainian tale.

To pair this book with an activity I cut out 2 white mittens from card stock, punched some holes along the mittens and gave my daughter some ribbon to 'knit' her own mittens!  Basically, a lacing activity which is always good for fine motor skills.

All you need to make your own mittens is:
Hole Punch

'knitting' her own mittens!


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  2. This is a neat idea. We are starting a unit I'm calling "M is for Mitten." I just might add this activity to our unit. Pinning!

    1. Glad you like it Tiffiny. I really didn't want to return the book to the library as my daughter enjoyed it that much. The mitten unit sounds like fun, enjoy it!

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