Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Re-use Lysol lids

In an effort to re-use I try and give thought to things that are ready to be tossed out.  One of the things I recently thought I could re-use were the lids to the Lysol containers.  They are the lids that flip up and when you close the lid it kind of 'clicks' into place.

I made a car for Tiffany out of a cardboard box and used these lids as traffic lights.  After playing with my daughter and using the 'traffic lights' I got an idea.  Toddlers like flip books where they can lift up a flap to see what's hiding behind it.  These books are good for participatory learning and also helps the child, like a game of peek-a-boo, that even though you can't see something (or someone) it's still there.  These Lysol lids are kind of like those flaps in books.  To test it out I hot glued the washed lids to a piece of cardboard.  I already had the colors of a traffic light glued into the inside of the lids for the game I was playing with my daughter but you could use any color or even numbers, letters, animals, etc. The lids are now ready for interactive play.  Toddlers are probably ideal for this since they love to discover!  It also works on their fine motor skills. So, if you have some Lysol or Clorox lids you may want to give this a try.

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