Monday, March 31, 2014

Coffee Filter Flower with Paper Towel Roll Vase

We had an entire package of coffee filters that we no longer use so we are putting them to good use.  Here is a coffee filter turned flower!  This is such an easy craft to do even with our wee little ones.

To make your own coffee filter flower and vase you will need:
Coffee filter
Spray bottle filled with water
Pipe cleaner
Paper Towel roll
Paint brush

Once you have your materials gathered just let your child scribble with the various color markers onto the coffee filter and then squirt away.  After that just let your coffee filter dry (which happens pretty quickly) and cut out in the shape of a flower.  I just realized I didn't get any photos of Tiffany during this craft. But we also made a butterfly using a coffee filter and I snapped more photos which I will share in an upcoming post.  Tiffany's favorite part was by far squirting the water!!

For the vase we painted a paper towel roll, glued a pipe cleaner to the flower and.................

Flower in vase!


  1. My daughter would love to do this! I'll put it on our "art day" list. Thanks for sharing.