Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lion paper plate craft

This is 2nd in my series of animal crafts.  So far we are enjoying using paper plates and Tiffany is picking her animal of choice.  This post shows Tiffany's version of a Lion.  She is really beginning to enjoy drawing faces on the pictures she makes and this Lion is no exception!  For the Lion's hair we used self sticking foam cut into squares.  I debated letting my daughter cut the squares herself since they are working on cutting at her preschool and they need practice but I ended up doing it myself and figured we could practice the scissor skills with another activity.  Tiffany really enjoyed painting the paper plate the color of the Lion's skin.  This was definitely the hilite for her with this one!

After the paint dried we added the foam to make the Lion's mane.  Tiffany was glad to pull off the sticky part on the foam pieces but wanted me to attach them. I think 2 paper plate crafts might have been more than enough for one day and it was getting close to bed time.  

Here is our finished Lion:

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