Friday, January 17, 2014

Butterfly Craft

This past week we began making animal crafts.  This idea came after Tiffany asked to go to our local library to get a book about Lions.  After we came home and read the books I thought it would be fun to continue the animal theme and do an animal craft.  I have found that if Tiffany sees a craft or activity before we  do it than she is more engaged when we actually do the activity.  So, I showed Tiffany some choices of animal crafts and she picked a Zebra and a Lion, see those posts here.  Tiffany really enjoyed making the crafts so I thought I would do a series in animal crafts.

Third in the series is this Butterfly toilet paper craft.  We used paper plates for the Zebra and Lion but changed it up with the Butterfly.  We could have been more fancy with our butterfly but I try to let Tiffany's creations be ALL hers.  Other than cutting out the wings which Tiffany probably could have done and should have this Butterfly has Tiffany written all over it!  

Once the craft was complete Tiffany wanted to fly the Butterfly all around the house, which she did.  After that I found a butterfly nursery rhyme song online which we watched the video for and tried singing along with.  

I have to say I am enjoying learning about animals as much as my 3.5 year old!  At first I thought the craft part of it would just be.....just a craft.  But it has morphed into learning about each animal we craft whether by reading a story or finding a song about the particular animal.  We may just continue the animal theme until the end of the month.  

Gluing on the wings


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