Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sock Snowmen

This craft is perfect for cold winter months and so easy to put together.

Here are the supplies needed:

Socks (large for actual snowman and baby sock or small sock for snowman's hat)
Rice (16 ounce bag)
Hot Glue Gun
Large bowl

How to:

Start by cutting off the top part of the sock and then turn the sock inside out.

Tie off the one end of the sock with a piece of string and then turn the sock right side out again.

Next, fill a large bowl with rice and begin filling your sock.  I had my daughter fill the snowman over a large bowl as to avoid spilled rice.  Once your snowman is nice and stuffed, tie off the open end with another piece of string.

Take another piece of string and tie it around the middle of your snowman.  Pull nice and tight to make that clear separation between the snowman's head and body.

Now you can start decorating your sock snowman.  Adult supervision needed as this is where the hot glue gun comes in.

Pom-pom's can be used for the eyes and nose.  You could also use pom-pom's in place of buttons or stick to buttons, like we did.

Attach your ribbon as the scarf

The extra baby sock (or smaller sock) is used as your snowman's hat.

My daughter and I both made our own and we think they are adorable and add a fun winter touch to the house!