Thursday, August 18, 2016

U is for Unicorn Craft

Saying my 6 year old daughter loves unicorns is putting it mildly!  From stuffed animals to having dressed up as one last Halloween, she just can't get enough of them!

I thought it would be fun to try a unicorn craft and if your child is doing letter of the week, this would be a cute craft to do for the letter "U."

Pinterest has so many fun unicorn craft ideas and here are the 2 my daughter chose to do.

First, we did the Unicorn letter "U" craft:

Supplies needed are:

Construction paper
Streamer (optional)
Googly eyes
Glue stick

This is our finished unicorn:

Supplies needed for our 2nd unicorn craft:

Craft foam
Pipe cleaner

My daughter simply added yarn for her unicorn's mane and tail along with a heart bead for the eye and finally a purple pipe cleaner for the horn.  Their is so much more you could add to this but my daughter wanted to keep her unicorn simple.  You could add stickers or even color the unicorn with markers.  We plan on punching a hole, adding some string and hanging up in my daughter's room.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Book Theme Cupcakes

For the past two summers my daughter and I have challenged ourselves to see if  together we can read 100 books.  My little reader just turned six so this was something we worked on together. I first learned of the 100 book challenge from Angela at Teaching Mama.  She created a fun chart to go along with the challenge and we have really had alot of fun with it!

This was our second summer seeing if we could get to the goal of reading 100 books and we did!  Last year my daughter's prize/reward was going to Chuck E Cheese.  This year she asked if she could have a play date with some of her friends.  So, we invited a bunch of her friends and spent the afternoon at the park.

Since this was a celebration I knew we needed something yummy to enjoy. So I decided on cupcakes but wanted to somehow turn a regular cupcake into something book related.  After searching the internet I came across this adorable idea from A Turtle's Life For Me.   I knew this would be perfect!

A Turtle's Life For Me shares a tutorial on how to make these cupcakes, which is very simple.  However, I switched it up a bit and didn't use PicMonkey.  Instead, I googled my daughter's favorite books, saved the image, copied into a word document and printed.  It worked perfectly!

Once I printed the book covers, I cut them out so that they look like a book, rubbed a glue stick on the inside of the 'book', inserted a toothpick, pressed together and voila, book cupcakes!

These book cupcakes were super easy and it was a fun way to celebrate this special accomplishment for my little aspiring reader!