Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ways to Display Lego Minifigures

Do you have a child who loves Lego's

Do they like to build the Lego kits or go straight for the minifigures?

At our house we have both types of Lego lovers.  My 10 year old son is not a huge fan of building the kits so after ripping open a box he will go straight for those little men!  He'd rather take those minifigures, some random Lego blocks and create his own scene.  We have since stopped buying the kits and opt for just the blocks and figures.

My 5 year old daughter is kind of lover of both.  Unlike my son, she will sit tight building a Lego kit no matter how long it takes - she is rather determined!  She also likes the minifigures but just not as much as her big brother.

And then there are those Lego surprise packs.  Each pack has one minfigure but you never know which one you'll get.  My husband is obsessed with them and can't help but picking up packs of  them especially when a new series comes out.  We fill Christmas stockings and Easter baskets with them and the kids are always super excited to see which figure they got.

This is all fine and dandy but what is one to do when the minifigures become too much?

Here are some ideas from ones we use and a couple of others from around the web:

We love yard sales!  My husband picked up a brand new, still sealed shot glass display case for $2!  You might be asking yourself, what does that have to do with Lego's?  Everything!  This case was PERFECT for displaying my son's collection of Lego minifigures.  A bonus with this case is that he can easily open the door and switch out which figures he wants to display.  We also made it clear that the figures in the case are his 'special' ones and totally off base when friends come to play.

Another favorite in our house is this Lego stand. A few years back I purchased this on Ebay and it has worked great.  We actually keep ours on the kitchen table only because the kitchen is our 'go to' room in the house for almost everything.  My son just plopps down at the table and moves the figures around, makes scenes, creates get the idea.  I really didn't like having toys at the table but it's where his creativity seemed to come alive.......

I wish I still had the Ebay info to share but I don't, sadly.  It is a DIY stand so with some thought I'm confident something similar can be pulled off!

Here are a couple of other ideas from around the web:

I really like this idea from Sarah M Style who simply uses a clipboard and a few other items you probably don't have to run out for.

Another favorite comes from Our Nerd Home who refurbishes an old picture frame into a very cool almost vintage looking display for their minifigures!

Geek Home Decor - DIY LEGO Minifigure Display

For more Lego ideas, check out our Lego Pinterest board.


  1. Creative ideas! My daughter only has one mini-figure so far, but more are on her Christmas list so I better keep this ideas in mind!

    1. I hope the ideas will help with your daughters future Lego collection, lol!!

  2. What great ideas; we need to get our lego figures organised, well and our Lego too. Both my kids are totally mad about it! Thanks for sharing with the parenting pin it party this week. Cheers, Helen

    1. Hi Helen! So glad the post helped with some ideas. Lego's are always a work in progress!