Monday, August 31, 2015

Back To School School Bus Crafts

With the new school year upon us I thought some bus crafts would be cute! My daughter is entering kindergarten this year and one of the things that gets her most excited is  the idea of riding the school bus! The school is really great about it too and during orientation they give the kindergarten children the chance to take a ride on the bus! I thought making a few school bus crafts would be fun and would get her into the school spirit!

Earlier this summer the dollar section at Target had packages of foam school buses.  The package included large and small size buses so we did a few different crafts.

Our first craft was simply gluing our buses onto construction paper.  My daughter chose some letter and number stickers to decorate with.  She chose the letter T for the initial of her name and the number 2 since that will be the number of her real school bus.  She also wanted to make clouds so she used our decorative paper edger scissors to cut out 'clouds.'  She glued them on and asked to make a hole on top so we could hang it.

Since my daughter wanted me to craft with her I chose black construction paper and got right to work.  I used white crayon to draw a road, glued on the bus, stuck on some A B C sticker letters and voila, easy bus craft!

Here's what we used for both crafts:
Black construction paper
Blue construction paper
White construction paper
White crayon
Letter stickers
Glue stick
Hole punch

Keeping crafts simple is the way to go for us and works best with my daughter.  But their are so many other fun ways to craft with these buses.

For our next craft we used the small buses and made a bus mobile.  When we use to craft my daughter just put together whatever I laid out for her but the older she gets the more she has her own ideas and I love to hear what they are.  We talked about both of these crafts and what we thought would work.

For our mobile we used a small paper plate and used a scissor to punch some holes through the paper plate ( Adult should do this part!) Then my daughter strung the yarn through the holes.  We attached our buses to the yarn using tape, used a pipe cleaner to hang the mobile from our curtain rod and easy peasy had our very own bus mobile!

Supplies for Bus Mobile craft:
Small paper plate
Pipe cleaner

I wasn't sure of the best place to hang our mobile but I wanted it in a place where my daughter would be able see it throughout the day.  We thought about it and decided to hang our mobile off of the curtain rod above the couch in our living room.

Our bus crafts even got us singing, "Wheels on the Bus" which we couldn't get out of our heads for a couple of days!  I wouldn't be surprised if she starts singing it on the acutal bus tomorrow during orientation!!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing with this week's #pinitparty. I will be featuring in our next party on Monday x

  2. very cute! thank you for sharing with the #pinitparty

  3. What a great way to help keep up with her bus. I really like the bus mobile.

    1. Thanks Natasha! It got her pumped up for her first school bus ride too!

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