Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sight Word Journal

My daughter will be starting kindergarten in September and one of the things that was suggested from the school for the children to learn were sight words.  I am so pumped up with all the great ideas floating around out there!

We happened to have some composition books lying around so I grabbed one, printed up my daughter's name, added some butterflies and wrote SIGHT WORD JOURNAL on it.  I've seen journals available through stores but the price tag was too steep for me so I've opted for a DIY and it has worked great so far.

We are starting off using the most common sight words for children entering kindergarten.  I don't think there is an order in which to start teaching the sight words so I just chose the words that I wanted to start with.  On each page I wrote a heading/title and somewhere in the upper corner I wrote the sight word we would be learning so she could see it as she wrote it. Underneath that I wrote out a sentence that had something to do with the heading/title and left a blank line for the sight word.  I've seen some journals where words and pictures are used, "rebus reading" but since I wasn't using a printable and my artistry skills is something to be desired I chose to use just words.  Once my daughter wrote in the sight word I had her draw a picture at the bottom that had something to do with the 'theme' for that page of her journal.

Normally my daughter would have drawn a cat but on this day she wasn't feeling up to drawing and I didn't push!

We learned 3 sight words and then did a review of those words.  

Like I said, their are journals you can buy and they are really fantastic. But in an attempt to be frugal I used a composition book we already had on hand and I think the overall concept with our journal is still there!

If you are looking for more sight word ideas check out Miss Kindergarten who shares some really great ones!!


  1. Sounds like a great idea my granddaughter and I can do together for 1st grade. Thanks for the tips.:)

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, Susan!! Enjoy and most importantly, have fun!

  2. Such a lovely idea, Susen. Thanks for sharing with Parenting Pin It Party. It's so much nicer to have a little journal that you can also be creative in rather than a boring piece of paper to write on.

    1. Thanks Carolin! I love having one book with all of our sight word learning in one place!