Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Spell With Stickers

We think of ourselves lucky to live in an area that has lots of yard sales!  Our Saturday mornings are spent browsing the local yard sales and I must say I find TONS of great deals! The stickers used for this activity were purchased brand new, never opened from a yard sale and I spent $1 on them and got some foam crafts thrown in for FREE!!  Another great find was an assorted bag of gems for .25cents!

If you have letter stickers lying around or if you have to buy some at the store this is a great way to help your child learn how to spell their name.  We dumped all the stickers out on the table and for each name we practiced my daughter had to find the letters to make the name. My 4 year old knows all the letters in her name and the order they go in so she had no problem finding the stickers of her name.  For her brother I wrote his name on a post it and had her search for the letters and spell it out.  Finally, we sounded out MOM and DAD and she had to tell me the letter for each sound and spell them out.

This activity also helped with fine motor skills by using those little fingers to peel off the backing of the stickers!

Here are some other ideas on how to help your child spell their name:

If you have a favorite way to teach your child how to spell their name please share in the comments below!


  1. I like this idea. It seems like it would be entertaining enough to help them. Plus who doesn't like stickers!

  2. It looks great, thanks for sharing! Pin it!

  3. That would work for so many spelling activities - and it's so bright and cheerful!

  4. I love these funny, easy, cheap ideas! Crafts and activities that don't need to be kept and stored forever, but pulled out of the hat and used just when the little ones are eager and interested!

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  5. What an easy and cheap idea to learn how to spell! visiting via the #pinitparty

  6. You got a great deal on the stickers and I know they make spelling more fun. What kid doesn't love stickers?

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  7. Love this idea - learning is so much easier when its fun. Thanks for linking up to the parenting pin it party!