Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Identifying First Letter Sounds

Last school year while homeschooling my preschooler we worked quite a bit on letter sounds.  Now that my daughter is in kindergarten they are still working on and learning the sounds of the letters.  I volunteer once per week in the class and it's great on so many levels.  One reason I like it is because I get a front row seat at what the students are currently working on and how the teacher presents it.  Sounding out letters and words are some of the things they are currently learning.  My daughter is in half day kindergarten so I try and take advantage of our morning time with reading and other learning activities.

Stamps and stickers are two things most enjoyed by my 5 year old so I thought incorporating her love of stamps would be a fun way to work on first letter sounds.

  Using a zipper pouch with a clear and wipeable window on the front I inserted a piece of paper with some letters written on it.  Talk about SUPER EASY set up, huh!?

It was now my daughters turn....I simply took out our collection of stamps (which by the way are ALL yard sale finds!) and asked my 5 year old to say the letter sound and then find a stamp that begins with that letter.

The best part about this activity is that you can switch out the paper by simply unzipping the pouch and putting in another piece of paper with new letters on it.  Since the window on the front of the pouch is wipeable we just use a tissue or napkin to wipe the stamps clean and we can start all over again!

Super easy activity that my daughter had a great time with! Her love of stamps made this activity alot of fun and their is no better way to learn than when your child is!

Here is another letter sound activity we did using these same stamps but this time used popsicle sticks!

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