Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Q-tip Painted Sheep

A few weeks ago our letter of the week was Q and for the first time we painted with q-tips and my daughter loved it.   Crafty Morning did a Fingerprint Sheep which gave me the idea for our sheep.  At times my daughter can be finicky when it comes to touching paint so I switched up this craft a bit by using a q-tip to paint our sheep instead of her fingers.

You can use this craft as a Valentine card/craft by using the saying "Wool Ewe Be Mine" or you could make it to celebrate Spring/Easter.  This is also the year of the Sheep for Chinese New Year so you could use this craft to celebrate that too!

 Since my preschooler does better when she can see what the craft is suppose to look like I made the first card, which is the one you see above.

Here are the materials we used:
Pink construction paper
Black construction paper
Googly eyes
White Paint
String or ribbon
Glue stick
Black marker or pen
Red heart gems (optional)

As soon as my daughter saw my sheep she wanted to try making one of her own.  With a pencil I drew a very fine circle on the construction paper so that she had an idea of where to dot the q-tip.  After she dotted around the inside of the circle she was ready to add the sheep's face, ears, legs, googly eyes and bow.

My daughter's Sheep card

It's really such a simple but cute craft to do.  After I thought our sheep were finished my daughter had something else to add.  Since Valentine's Day is around the corner I had some heart gems that she was using to make another card and she added a tiny heart nose to her sheep and to mine along with a larger heart gem at the top of the card.  On my card I wrote the saying, "Wool Ewe Be Mine" so my daughter decided to write  scribble a Valentine saying of her own.

Here are the 2 finished cards!


  1. Love the sheep; could be used for Chinese New Year as well!

  2. This is really cute! It looks like it was fun to make.

    1. Thanks Natasha! Yes, my daughter has been enjoying painting with q-tips!

  3. Thank you for contributing to Motivation Monday!

  4. Oh this is so cute! Thanks for joining in with Tuesday Tutorials

    1. Thanks Kate! We both had alot of fun making our sheep :)

  5. Love how the sheep looks fluffy - thanks for joining in the parenting pin it party