Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dinosaur Snappets Toy Review

Disclosure: I was sent the following toy to review free of charge.  All opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation.

I was contacted by Zachary Opaskar who has designed paper hand puppets called Dinosaur Snappets.  Zachary sent me some samples of his invention and asked if I would help spread the word by sharing a review with my readers and other media sites.  I was happy to help!

This is how the Snappets look before putting it together.

Detailed instructions are included or if you prefer their is an instructional video that can be viewed at

To be honest I am not one to 'put things together' I always leave that up to my husband.  As I watched my husband it looked super easy - just pop out the puppet give it a few folds and tucks and within a few minutes the Snappet comes alive!

Once your Snappet is together their are 2 triangle shapes where your thumb and pointer finger fit into.  It was extremely easy to open and close the Dinosaurs mouth and I REALLY love the 'chomping' sound the dinosaur makes.  The sound really helps the puppet feel more real and interactive.

This is a good shot of how your fingers fit into the puppet

The first in my house (after me and hubby) to play with our new puppet friend was my 4 year old daughter.  First, she wanted to try opening and closing his mouth which was easy for her to do.  I thought she might have had some problem coordinating her fingers to fit and than to open and close the mouth but she was able to manage just fine.  Next we started interacting with our dinosaur.  I was holding the dinosaur and my daughter was feeding him some eggs from Easter that we had prepped to go into the attic!  Of course any puppet has to have a voice and a dinosaur is no exception!  In my best dinosaur voice we played and pretended for a few minutes before it was bedtime.  I guarantee had it not been bedtime we would have played much longer! We will have plenty more opportunities.

 My 8 year old son tried his hand at the puppet and after playing with it for a few minutes said, "this is really cool!"

As a Mom who has had her fair share of toys I like this one for several reasons. One of my favorite things is that it allows your child to be imaginative.  No batteries, no annoying beeps, dings, hums just a good old fashion puppet, with a style all its own!  I also love the detail specifically the teeth and how they stand out. The sound the puppet makes when you open and close its mouth (not annoying at all!)
Also included with your Snappet is a brief description about the dinosaur you receive:

1. The meaning of the name of your dinosaur
2. The period of your dinosaur
3. Length of your dinosaur
4. Weight
5. Diet
6. Fossils and where they were found

Just click on  Snappets for more information and also how you can share one with your kids!

Wishing Zachary all the best of luck with his Dinosaur Snappets!!

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