Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letter Sounds Using Family Pictures

We are starting to work on our letter sounds more lately.  I wanted to add a personal touch to working on sounds so I used pictures of family members.  I had some leftover eggs from our double digit number activity and used those. Their were six eggs left and it was perfect for the family members I wanted to include.  We don't have a large family so the six eggs worked perfectly and wasn't too overwhelming.

I mixed up the egg halves where one half had the first letter of the family members name and on the other half a picture of the family member.  

Here is Tiffany matching her brothers egg.

We continued with "n" for Nana, "g" for Grandma AND Grandpa, "b" for Babcia, "m" for Mommy and "d" for Daddy.

Learning letter sounds by adding pictures of Tiffany's Grandparents, brother, Mommy and Daddy added a personal touch and it featured letters that we use on an every day basis!  


  1. What a cute idea for an early learner!

    Stopping in from the Welcome Party hop!