Sunday, December 13, 2015

Choo-Choo Train Candies for Polar Express Party

My daughter's Girl Scout Daisy troop is having a Polar Express themed Christmas party this year.  As I was searching on Pinterest for some ideas I came across these adorable choo-choo train candies from We're Calling Shenanigans.  They show a nice step by step tutorial on how to make these.  I switched our trains up a bit by using different items to build our candy trains but I think they turned out cute and I hope the girls will think so too!

Here's the candies we used:

Using a hot glue gun here's how to build your choo-choo candy train:

The Kit Kat bars were the base of the train
The Breath Savers went on top of the Kit Kat bars
The Reeses Pieces were the wheels and glued around the Kit Kat bar
The Hershy Kiss was the steam part of the train and glued to the front tip of the Breath Savers
Finally the 3 bars on the end were the stack for the train, glued on to other end of the Breath Savers

So simple to make and here's how ours turned out:

I filled up a shoe box of these choo-choo train candies which will be pulling up at the Girl Scout Daisy station in just a few days!


  1. What a cute idea! Our Daisy troop would love these too! Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot!