Monday, December 22, 2014

Pinecone Flower Pots

Many, many years ago I picked up free terra cotta flower pots from a yard sale.  The person just wanted to get rid of them and I was the sucker who took them ALL!  She had pots in all sizes but it's these mini pots that I held on to longer than any of the other sizes.  We have been in our home for 16 years and I brought these pots with us from where we lived before so that gives you an idea on how long I've been housing these little fellas!  After all these years I finally found some things to do with them!

We happen to be working on the letter P with homeschool preschool and I thought with it being Christmastime a pinecone craft would be appropriate.  After searching for pinecone crafts I came across these pretty pinecone tree pots from Pet Scribbles.  By the way, I am in love with all the beautiful, fun crafts Laura shares on her site.  To see how to make these pinecone flower pots please stop over to Pet Scribbles for full instructions. After seeing how pretty her pots came out I thought we would give it a try.  With a child's hand involved I knew ours would not turn out quite as gorgeous.  At the same time, I love crafts done by the hand of a child as even their crafty imperfections are beautiful and sweet!

For this craft I was going to be in charge of painting the flower pots and my daughter in charge of decorating the pinecones.  I painted the flower pots the night before, let them dry and gave them a second coat the next morning.

Here was my daughters invitation to craft with our pinecones.

This craft turned out to be one where I got a chance to use things that have been sitting around awhile.  First, the flower pots and now these pinecones that had lived in a basket that I brought out for the holidays year after year but never decorated or did anything with......until now!

First, my daughter painted the pinecones using a mixture of glue and paint as the glitter seems to stick better this way.  After that we shook on some glitter.  Sorry, no pics of that as I get a little crazy when it comes to glitter and really, really don't want any of it on anything but the craft!  I took out the garbage can and let my daughter shake till her heart was content!  For the other pinecone my daughter used just glue, brushed the glue onto the pinecones and again shook on some glitter.

We also decorated another pinecone using pom pom's.  I had all size pom poms set up for my preschooler but she decided to pick the large pom pom's and the smaller pinecone, go figure!!  We put this pinecone in a flower pot too but my preschooler wanted the flower pot left plain.  To finish the pom pom tree I cut out a star  from a piece of thin cardboard and covered it in foil as the star to her pinecone tree.

Once the pinecones and the pots were dry I stuck on our pinecones and added a bit of hot glue to give the pinecones a better chance of staying on the pots.

We have these displayed around the house but they would also be great as a gift to Grandparents or other family members or friends.

This pinecone has the green paint and glitter

These pinecones have just the glue and glitter


  1. What an adorable project! I love your daughter's pom pom tree. I saw your link on this week's Teach Me Tuesday Party and wanted a closer look.

    1. Glad you stopped by Beverly! Appreciate your comment. My daughter and I had fun making these!

  2. Super cute pinecone idea Susen, I love it! I love what you did on your mantle area with the flower pots and the picture! Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Heather! This was a fun project. We even made a couple more and gave as presents to the Grandma's!

  3. How adorable. great gift idea from the kids. Mine love collecting pinecones. Thanks for sharing with SmallVictoriesSundayLInkup!

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