Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Helicopter Number Hide and Seek

My 4 year old daughter really likes helicopters and airplanes. When I spotted these foam helicopters at the dollar store I grabbed them knowing I could use them for an activity.  I came along a post from Learn Play Imagine  called Alphabet Flower Hunt and that's what gave me the idea for our helicopter activity.

Since Tiffany is in a good place with her letters I chose to make our helicopter hide and seek about double digit numbers instead of the alphabet.  For this activity I only went up to number 20 but have plenty more helicopters left for another hunt once she is comfortable with identifying numbers 10-20.  

I numbered the helicopters and then hid them around our backyard.  Once they were all hidden I announced to Tiffany that helicopters had made a landing in our yard and that she needed to find them.  At first I asked Tiffany to find the numbers in order but she was too excited to find and quickly pick them that I changed my idea.  Instead I just asked her to tell me what the number was that she found. To not overwhelm her I hid 1-10 first (just to get her comfortable with the hunt) 11-15 next and 16-20 last.

Once all the numbers were collected is when she put them in numerical order.  We did the same with the double digit numbers but I didn't snap the picture!

This was a great activity to help reinforce Tiffany's numbers all while having fun finding and collecting!

What ways do you help your child/ren with learning double digit numbers? Let me know in the comments below or by posting on our facebook page!


  1. This is such a fun idea! Pinning!

  2. Thanks for linking this fun idea up at The Thoughtful Spot! I'll be pinning to share with others!

  3. Great way to keep them entertained and guess u can do it with anything. Thx v much for linking to the parenting pin it party xx