Friday, April 18, 2014

Create With Rocks

Years ago (before kids) my husband and I picked some river stones at a river near our home. I say before kids because once we had kids, especially with my daughter, the rocks no longer 'housed' themselves the way they once did.  We use to have them laid out in a perfect little pattern taking on a certain look and feel.  However, once the kids came along their was a whole new use for our rocks and it wasn't too accentuate our landscape!!

Our first attempt at creating with rocks was last summer when we spent an entire morning and I mean a solid 3 hours strictly painting rocks.  We used lots of different color paints and glitter!!  My daughter at the time was almost 3 and she was seriously engrossed in this painting project.  Once the rocks were painted and decorated with glitter we displayed them in the yard.  Unfortunately, after a rain or two the rocks were once again a blank canvas.  I was disappointed to see all the hard work my daughter put into the rocks just get washed away but we looked at the bright side which was we had more opportunities to create again!

We never did paint the rocks again and we never created with them again until just recently.  The inspiration came from Mosswood Connections  when they shared rock art on our facebook page.  I never heard of warming the rocks in the oven and then coloring on them but that's precisely what you do.  You can read the details of the post here 

I knew we had to give it a try and once again my daughter really enjoyed it!  Once the rock is warm the crayon goes on so incredibly smooth.  It's an interesting feel to use crayons in this way.  Personally, I loved it!  Tiffany's game plan was to just color the entire rock one color and then of course ask guessed it, glitter! The glitter stuck nicely to the melted crayon and is now displayed in Daddy's office along with another rock that I made especially for him.  Two of the other rocks we just scribbled on one is a flower and the other a silly face.

These are the outdoor rocks and after some heavy rain the crayon is really holding up!

Mosswood Connections did recommend wearing mittens which we did but after handling the rocks I realized that although warm they were able to be touched without the mittens.  If you decide to give this project a try you may want to wear the mittens at first and then determine if you need to keep them on for the entire project.

Tiffany and I really enjoyed creating with our rocks.  Daddy likes his new office decorations and our garden/landscape looks ten times better with our 'kid art' rocks!!  I am not the artist but if you are I could see these rocks being given as gifts for Mothers' Day, Holidays, Birthdays, etc.  They could serve as paper weights or just a pretty addition to a windowsill or as in our case, the garden and Daddy's office!

What rock creations have you made? Share with us on our facebook page

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